ProtectMe Mask - Professional Line ME

ProtectMe Mask -  Professional Line ME

The ME professional product line was created with the specific aim of providing the operator before, during and after treatments carried out with CAMPOMATS machines, all the tools necessary to work safely and in absolute hygiene for health, comfort and well-being for himself and the customer as well.


Mask made of special certified bacteriostatic polyamide fabric, made with bioactive crystals thanks to the Emana® yarn capable of inhibiting bacterial replication.This mask is an individual textile protection useful during the activities of daily life and absolutely indispensable in medical and aesthetic treatments to protect the operator and for patient safety.

Emana® is an international patent and is the result of nearly ten years of development in Solvay research centers and represents the only yarn that permanently contains a technology for the well-being of the skin with important benefits tested, evaluated clinically and approved through tests clinical and rigorous statistical-scientific protocols. In addition, the Emana® yarn has been evaluated and certified Oeko-Tex® 992913.0, a label guaranteeing the fact that there are no harmful or toxic substances for humans.

The properties of the Emana® yarn are permanent and do not decay with use, even after several washes.

We recommend washing the mask before use as it is not packaged in a sterile environment. Machine or hand washable. Dries quickly and does not require ironing. Do not use dryer.

59% Polyamide 41% Elastam. Black color. It is not a medical device.