Omnia Microneedling & PMU Device

Omnia Microneedling & PMU Device


CAMPOMATS has developed Omnia, a fascinating computer device realized thanks to Italian design and Swedish engineering and following the real needs coming from the market worldwide.

Omnia is able to perform 8 different treatments: medical microneedling, aestetic micropricking, advanced nano treatments with 2 different applications, permanent makeup (pmu), tricopigmentation, areola and tatto removal.

The device is composed by a touch capacitive screen with over 50 menus, installed on an alluminium support frame of Registered ® highly original design. The Ergal alluminium handpiece with PD/DS technology is placed on the right side of the screen by a magnetic holder, that can be removed and placed on the table by the operator. A footpedal and a medical approved power adaptor, complete the machine that comes in a practical and stilish alluminium suitcase.

Omnia works thanks to a capacitive computer, with LCD color display, 10.1 inches, 16:9 wide screen. Using the touch screen technology and a windows menu, you can easily surf inside more than 50 different treatments and pre-set programs: microneedling, micropricking, nano advance treatments, permanent makeup of eyebrows, eyes, lips, areola, scalp pigmentation, tattoo removal and scars treatment.

All the menus are very easily explained with photos, and each final treatment selected gives the proper indications about which cartridges have to be selected for the specific treatment, as well as the tecnique recommended.

Screen and support are all flat®, with no slots, making the device very hygienic and easy to clean.

Omnia has a powerful bottom light that will be on during all treatment. The operator can select the color of the light desired from a wide range of colors in the Setting menu. Lights as well as sounds can be disabled.

The revolutionary new handpiece realized by CAMPOMATS makes it possible, for the first time ever, to have a dermoghraph with a correct scale of regulation to perform all treatments with the same handpiece. For Omnia handpiece we he selected the best Ergal alluminium, 15V Swiss motor and highest quality of membranes and inner mechanisms. Thanks to this, CAMPOMATS handpiece is light, smooth handling, silent, with extremely low vibrations and at the same time very powerful and precise.

The handpiece body is equipped with a double adjustment system developed by CAMPOMATS with Patent Request Pending for the PD/DS technology, performance deep/double system. This regulation system allows the operator to work precisely, always knowing exactly the working deepness in all kind of treatments. This makes possible for the first time ever to have all this treatments in one device and, above all, in one handpiece!

The magnetic handpiece holder has a start/stop function to control the use. For a further safety, the operator can start and stop the handpiece without using the footpedal or the touch screen display, and continue his job staying focus on the treatment. The dermograph has a cable of 2mts, allowing the operator to have a very wide working area far from the screen.

All a new series of exclusive CAMPOMATS cartridges have been developed to fit all Omnia treatments. All cartridges come in a sterile package. CAMPOMATS has selected the best AISI stainless steel materials and plastic to realize the complete full series of cartridges.