Astomed Finland

Astomed Finland OY is a Finnish company based in Helsinki and is a part of Swedish based company Astomed Holding AB, a leader of the Swedish market since 2005.

Onemed AB is the majority owner of Astomed Holding AB. Which makes us a very strong company and we can offer our customers the best possible prices on medical accessories such as disposable needles, gloves, pads, etc. 

Together we are committed to provide excellence in all that we do. We are the company of dermatological, clinical and aesthetic medicine products and devices for face and body. ASTOMED® is active in Scandinavia and Baltic’s countries.


Innovation is in our DNA to develop safer and more effective aesthetics products and medical devices used in today’s clinics, hospitals, and beauty salons.

Our mission is to offer comprehensive quality services and original premium brand products through transparent professional care ensuring the safety and reliability for long term partnership.

We have our own service workshop in Stockholm as well trained stuff who takes care of any problems that may appear.


We are a passionate company dedicated to enhancing people's lives. Ultimately our success is driven by our commitment to ensure that every client is happy and would recommend us as trusted and quality provider.

Our long-term vision for ASTOMED is to become the most trusted and innovative aesthetics company who is setting the benckmark for excellent product portfolio, quality in service and in aesthetic education.

We offer only the highest quality and market leading products at the most competitive prices possible.


Whether you buy mechanical equipment or products, you will receive a proper education, we have several doctors and nurses who will help us with training when specialist knowledge is required. When purchasing machines, training is always included.

We value every clients well being highly and will go the extra mile to support and help each other. Our greatest values in our company are competitive prices, loyalty, trustworthiness, fast delivery and to give our customers the best possible service.


Since 2021, Astomed Finland Oy is part of Asker Healthcare Group. The group builds and acquires leading companies that make a positive difference in the European healthcare ecosystem by providing safe and high-quality medical supplies, devices and equipment.

The Asker Healthcare Group, which consists of more than 30 companies in 14 countries and 2,000 employees, supports healthcare providers and patients to improve patient outcomes, reduce total cost of care and ensure a fair and sustainable value chain.


We aim to be a global institute that combines the best products and high quality workshops with strong ethical principles and a culture of care and compassion. Your success is our success! We seek and embrace feedback to create and promote the highest standards of aesthetic industry.

I strongly believe that one can learn and achieve anything when driven by “character strength” and the “strive for perfection!”

Cathy Tullkvist Astomed Finland OY CEO

Cathy Tullkvist

Co-Founder & CEO