1 Syringe x 2,0ml per pack

SISTHAEMA HEVO T is an intradermic injectable hydrogel, featuring a breakthrough and patented combination of hyaluronic acid and trehalose, proven to last longer than any linear HA-based injectable and to provide skin bio regeneration (the “Sisthaemic Dermal Regeneration”), volume and deep hydration.

Immediate action with lasting effects
You will experience an immediate rejuvenation with SISTHAEMA HEVO T, and this bioregeneration will keep being active for weeks after the treatment, producing incremental effects.

Natural lifting effect
When the Sisthaemic Dermal Regeneration takes place, your skin starts regenerating itself, producing new collagen type III fibres, resulting in a natural lifting effect that respects the harmony of your looks. A younger version of you.

Volume & deep hydration
A double range of molecular weights (high and low) will give you volume and deep hydration. The exclusive combination in SISTHAEMA HEVO T is capable of attracting much more water compared to other linear hyaluronic acid based products, strongly improving deep skin hydration.

Sisthaemic Dermal Regeneration
SISTHAEMA HEVO T is the only product able to trigger true skin bioregeneration, rejuvenating you naturally through continued and long-lasting effects.

Purest hyaluronic acid & less side effects
The hyaluronic acid in SISTHAEMA HEVO T is the purest in existence, thus containing the lowest level of endotoxins: side effect due to the product are almost impossible.

Young collagen
Normal hyaluronic acid-based products predominantly induce the production of fibrotic collagen (type I).

SISTHAEMA HEVO T is able to mainly stimulate the production of reticular collagen (type III) also referred to as “young collagen” being predominant in younger skin.

Hyaluronic acid & threalose
So what makes SISTHAEMA HEVO T’s effects so special?

Next to hyaluronic acid we find TREHALOSE, a sugar-like molecule that is capable of protecting hyaluronic acid from the natural degradation processes, allowing HA to last and act for much longer period of times compared to other non-cross-linked HA-based injectables. Trehalose is also able to attract impressive amounts of water, giving the skin a long-lasting tensive and moisturizing effect.

Tense Technique
SISTHAEMA HEVO T can be injected with several common injection techniques; to enhance the lifting and regenerative properties of the product, a specific and exclusive injection technique has been developed, the TENSE TECHNIQUE, which addresses critical points of tissue laxity in the face, restoring a rejuvenated version of yourself with a natural lifting effect.

Double molecular weight
SISTHAEMA HEVO T contains a double range of molecular weights. Most of it is on the high-end, providing volume, inducing collagen type III production and attracting water for a deep hydration. The low-end makes the hydrogel softer, resulting a in a more natural effect, while making the injection procedure much easier.

HA fragmentation
Hyaluronic acid is fragmented during the manufacturing process, as fragments properly target specific receptors in the skin (CD 44) to trigger the production of the right collagen, type III, or young collagen.

The pack consists of:

• 1 Prefilled syringe of 2,0 ml
• 25 mg/ml of Sodium Hyaluronate
• 10 mg/ml of Treholose


More Information
Number of pieces per pack 1 Syringe x 2ml per pack
Volume 1 x 2ml
Manufacturer SISTHAEMA® 15454854
Country of origin Italy