Burn Fat -
Build Muscle +

The CMSLIM's HI-EMT (High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer)

Energy penetrates the deeper muscle tissue, Intensively Stimulating and Training the Muscle by preset programs designed according to the different body parts & different purposes.
Stimulated muscles increase the blood circulation and burn calories.
Also, it helps increasing muscle growth while burning fat.

Next Generation Body contouring | Equivalent to 20,000 Sits Ups and Squats

During only 30 minutes treatment, CMSLIM squeezes the muscles more than 20,000 times, and it just feel like you do intensive workout.
This is called inactive-exercise and it also has the same effects on the human body, building muscle while losing fat. The results are amazing.


During normal exercise (voluntary muscle contractions) the muscles relax between each action as the central nervous system does not have the ability to signal another impulse while one is still in action. Maximal voluntary contractions are the highest amount of tension that can be created and held psychologically under normal conditions and will generally utilise 30% of the muscles ability. CMSlim™ produces supra-maximal muscle contraction through electromagnetic impulses, that are independent of brain function, at a rapid rate that doesn’t allow for the relaxation phase. Supra-maximal contractions produced by the CMSlim™ device will utilise 100% of the muscle ability, 100% of the time, which drastically increases the physiological workload required for muscle growth.


The CMSlim™ body treatment also has an effect on fat through the natural effect of induced metabolism. Muscles need energy to produce contractions and this energy is derived primarily from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and secondarily from creatine phosphate and glycogen to fuel the muscles. When these are depleted, the body’s catabolic processes take place in the form of lipolysis – i.e. the breakdown of stored fat cells into free fatty acids and glycerol. These released molecules act as an energy source for the increased muscle activity and body metabolism.


The supra-maximal contractions force the muscle to adapt and illicit the growth of myofibrils and the creation of new muscle fibres and protein strands; this leads to increased muscle density and volume which in turn leads to muscle tone and definition; localised fat is encouraged to breakdown through the release of fatty acids, leading towards an overall slimmer profile and toned definition.

CMSLIM is a HI - EMT device designed for aesthetic purpose, having 2 applicators that can be used on ABS, Buttocks, Thighs.


HIPEX™ (High-Intensity Pelvic Exercise) CHAIR

Time to say goodbye to urinary incontinence.
HIPEX is a breakthrough technology to help urinary incontinence inspired by kegel exercise, powered by electromagnetic energy, operated 100% non-invasive.
Specially and carefully designed treatment helps to increase the natural strength of pelvic muscles causing urinary incontinence.


Who will the best candidate?
· Any age looking for a solution for urinary incontinence.
How many treatment?
· 2 - 3 times per a week / 6 Treatment in total.
When can I expect the result?
· It really depends. After 1-2 treatments, patients can feel difference.
How long will the result last?
· It will lasts several week or more, and getting another treatment will help the result last longer.
Is HIPEX treatment painful?
· Perfectly painless and mild contraction/stimulation on the treated area.
Does HIPEX have downtime?
· It's walk-in and walk-out treatment. No downtime engaged.


More Information
Manufacturer Daeyang Medical Co., Ltd
Country of origin Republic of Korea